Troldtekt Puzzle

This solution gives you the freedom to create a surface with repetitive or random patterns. Troldtekt puzzle is made up of square acoustic panels with four equal sections. Three of the four sections have diagonal, vertical or horizontal grooves cut.

You can continue the pattern from panel to panel, and vary the effect by offsetting the rows or turning some panels 90, 180 or 270 degrees. It is entirely up to you which ‘puzzle’ is presented on the surface.

Product Properties

  • Thickness: 35mm
  • Panel Size: 600 x 600mm
  • Good acoustic properties
  • Silver Cradle to Cradle certification

Acoustic Performance

Troldtekt acoustic ceiling and wall panels provides good acoustic properties. These values are depended on installation method. Please see acoustic guide for further details. 

Fire Resistance

Troldtekt Wood Wool Acoustic Panels achieve a Group 1 Fire Rating in accordance with AS 5637.1:2015 

Storage and Acclimatisation

Troldtekt is a natural material consisting of about 50% wood, and the panels will therefore 'work' in order to achieve the same temperature and moisture level as their surroundings. Do not begin installing Troldtekt panels before the building has been completed and the heating has been turned on ensure tiles are acclimatised to the environment which they will be installed in. 

Product Information



Troldtekt can be painted in any RAL/NCS colour code. Troldtekt Puzzle is only available in the Ultrafine structure. Lead times apply for this product. 

  Troldtekt ultrafine structure

      Ultrafine Structure (1mm)