OWA Plan

OWAPlan is a seamless acoustic mineral fibre ceiling systems that offers the look of a jointless plasterboard ceiling system with the acoustic benefits of a mineral fibre ceiling tile. Manufactured using a mineral fibre board and installed with a plaster coating, this pre-finished product does not require any painting or post installation treatment. CSR Himmel is proud to offer both OWA Plan (OWA Plan 70 and OWA Plan 90) to meet the acoustic needs of every commercial project. 

Available in white and in two textured finishes; OWAPlan offers superb acoustic properties without the look of a traditional suspended ceiling system 


OWAPlan Textures

S = A textured fine plaster-look finish

XS = A Premium, Superfine Plaster-look finish 

Product Properties

  • OWAPlan 70 achieves a 0.7 NRC
  • OWAPlan 90 achieves a 0.9 NRC
  • Manufactured with recycled content
  • Low VOC
  • Plasterboard look made from mineral fibre 

Acoustic Performance

OWAPlan70 achieves CAC 37 dB 

OWAPlan90 achieves CAC 30 dB


Recycled Content

- OWAplan 70: 40% total

- OWAplan 90: 10% total 

Installation Detail

 OWAPlan requires a certified OWAPlan installer to complete the installation of this product. Please contact your local CSR Himmel representative for more information.