OWA Corpus

OWA Corpus is a discontinuous ceiling system that offers five different sizes of mineral fibre boxes that can be suspended in a variety of different layouts to make your next design unique. In addition to OWA Corpus, the system is available with an OWA Corpus Luminaires LED light box which offers a tunable* LED Light Box that can be integrated into the system. When the light is turned off, the Light Box offers the same look as the mineral fibre OWA Corpus system. 


Product Properties

  • RH 95
  • Global Green Tag Level A Certified
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Five different sizes
  • Limitless design options


Acoustic Properties

OWA Corpus system offers an NRC of 1.0


OWA Corpus Box Sizes

Corpus S1: 520x520x150mm

Corpus S2: 520x520x300mm

Corpus M1: 1120x520x150mm

Corpus M2: 1120x520x300mm

Corpus L1: 1120x1120x150mm

Corpus L2: 1120x1120x300mm

Corpus XL1: 1120x1720x150mm

Corpus XL2: 1120x1720x300mm

Corpus XXL1: 1120x2320x150mm

Corpus XXL2: 1120x2320x300mm