Valchromat is a full coloured MDF panel that combines the natural feature of wood and the uniqueness of bright colours. Valchromat is easily machined with continuous colour all the way through the core meaning the design possibilities are endless. Himmel are the exclusive distributor of Valchromat in Australia. 

Product Properties

  • Coloured throughout
  • Different thicknesses
  • Easy to machine
  • Moisture Resistant*

Valchromat Colours


 Valchromat Product Properties


Surface Preparation Information

A finish should be applied to the Valchromat panel to protect its surface and maintain its natural appearance. The finish may be varnish, wax or oil. In general, any finish, be it varnish, wax or oil, needs the surface to be prepared beforehand. This preparation involves sanding the surfaces before applying the finish.

The surfaces should be sanded gradually, increasing the sandpaper grit size 50% with each new step. At least 3 phases with 3 different sandpaper grit sizes are recommended. The final surface ready to receive the finish must be sanded with a grit size of 320-360, to obtain a smooth surface with no scratches.

ValchroSeal - Matt

CSR Himmel offers Vachroseal as the sealant of choice for Valchromat panels. ValchroSeal offers a protective surface to Valchromat coloured MDF whilst maintaining its natural appearance. A 2-pack coating that forms a matt finish offers a level of water and stain resistance for interior applications. Check out our Valchroseal brochure for more information.

*Valchromat is moisture resistant when coated with suitable coatings

^ Himmel stock all thicknesses except for 30mm. MOQ and Lead Times for this Thickness apply.