Expresswood Veejoint

Cedar Sales Expresswood is a Veejoint Internal Cladding system that allows easy installation of beautifully finished timber wall linings in commercial spaces. Available in a variety of colours, this Hemlock product is versatile and can bring a space to life with the gorgeous warmth and feel of Hemlock timber. 

Product Properties

  • Smooth Texture and a Straight, Fine Lined Grain
  • Easy Installation
  • Beautiful Colours
  • Global Greentag Level A Certification
  • PEFCTM Certified

Expresswood Profile

Expresswood Colours


Expresswood Products    
 Expresswood Veejoint Hemlock  Natural Satin 86mm x 12mm
 Expresswood Veejoint Hemlock Whitewash 86mm x 12mm
 Expresswood Veejoint Hemlock Blackwash 86mm x 12mm
 Expresswood Veejoint Hemlock Greywash 86mm x 12mm