Martini Verto

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Making sound versatile

Inspired by the word “Vertebrae”, Verto™ is a unique innovative hanging and mountable system that can be fixed on the ceiling or the wall to provide a myriad of different executions and suspension effects.

As functional as it is versatile, Verto™ can be paired with both dECO Blades and dECO Screens to bring your design vision to life, while offering all the signature acoustic enhancing benefits you can expect from any CSR Martini product.


Intended Use
  • Verto™ is suitable for indoor use only
  • Appropriate for ceiling or wall applications or both ceiling to wall combinations
  • Compatible for suspension or direct fix to a ceiling structures or direct fixed to walls
  • Verto ™ can be integrated with Rondo KEY-LOCK® grid system
  • Verto ™ can also be tension fit for dECO Screen applications
  • Verto is compatible to use with both dECO Blades and dECO Screens

Aluminium 6060 T5 6060 alloy is one of the most common alloys of the 6000 series.

It is a heat treatable alloy with very good corrosion resistance and weldability.

It is commonly used in window and door frames in residential and commercial applications.

Channel Verto™ hanging and mounting system
Channel Length 2.5m for dECO Blades and 1.2m dECO Screens
Coatings Powder Coated Pearl White and Satin Black, Clear Anodised (25UM)
Seismic Information Verto Suspended Acoustic Blade System has been independently assessed by David Beneke Consulting (DBC) for ceiling applications in accordance with AS/NZS 1170.0-2002, AS1170.4-2007, AS1664.1-1997 and design tables prepared that satisfy the structural requirements of NCC 2019 Amdt 1 in office environments when installed in accordance with the Verto Installation Guide
Installation Refer to Verto™ installation instructions below
Fire Sprinkler Considerations

Fire Sprinkler should be mounted below the blades in accordance with

clause 5.7.2 to 5.7.8 from AS2118.1-1999

*Always check with the builder before suspending of fixing product to the ceiling.