Ambience Baffle

Ambience Baffle is a sound absorbing free hanging feature for commercial ceiling spaces. Perfect for areas where a traditional suspended ceiling is not required but solid acoustic properties are. The Ambience baffle range is available in two shapes; Platform and Rise. 

Product Properties

  • Light reflection 91 as tested to ASTM E1477-98a
  • Global Green Tag Level A Certified
  • 10 year product warranty
  • 100% recyclable
  • Group 1 Fire Resistance according to ISO 9705

Ambience Colour Palette

Ambience Baffle is available in all sixteen colours featured in the Ambience colour collection below

Ambience colour collection

Acoustic Performance

Ambience Baffle offers high acoustic performance with a 0.65 NRC. The Ambience Baffle has also been tested by the Effective Absorption Area Per Unit (metric Sabine). Please see datasheet for values. 

Ambience Baffle Shapes


Declare Certification

CSR Himmel is proud to announce that the entire Ambience by Himmel range has been certified by Declare! For more information speak to your local Himmel representative. 

CSR Himmel Declare Certification