7613 Partition Suite

The Alsupply 7613 Partition Suite a 'full width' partition system designed for 76mm studs and 13mm board.

  • Main elements 115.8mm x 25mm o/a
  • Allows for larger stud size and wall cavity
  • Economical
  • Capable of accepting glass thicknesses of up to 12.38mm
  • Door and glazing frame components 'architrave openings eliminating reveals'

7613 Partition Suite Components

64H (AKA 010) Head Track/Wall Starter
64FH Fluted Head Track, Wall Starter
64SH Shadowline Head
AS  011 Flush Adaptor
64AP Glazing Adaptor
64FP Filler Plate
Door Stop Type 3 35mm Door
Door Stop Type 2 40mm Door
Door Stop Type 1 45mm Door 
64FM Finned Mullion 
 64FLM Finless Mullion
64MAP Mullion Adaptor 
 64SOG Offset Glazing
 64DG Double Glazing
 6450 FLM Finless Mullion
 6450 BA Glazing Base
 64CP Corner Post
 64UM Universal Mullion
 6408G Offset Glazing Pocket
 640SGAP Offset Glazing Adaptor
 64BA/BE Glazing Base/Glazing Bead
 011SH Shadow Line Adaptor