Troldtekt Plus

Troldtekt Plus is a two-layer acoustic panel which consists of a classic wood wool Troldtekt panel, a laminated backing of sound absorbing material.The product is manufactured with the two panels together to save time when installing. The product offers outstanding acoustic properties. 

Product Properties

Troldtekt Plus Dimensions

Acoustic Performance

Troldtekt acoustic ceiling and wall panels provides good acoustic properties. These values are depended on installation method. Please see acoustic guide for further details. 

Edge Details

Product Information

Troldtekt can be painted in any RAL/NCS colour code
It is available in four different structures:

Troldtekt extreme structure  Troldtekt ultrafine structure

Extreme Fine Structure (0.5mm)      Ultrafine Structure (1mm)

Troldtekt fine structure  Troldtekt texture coarse

Fine Structure (1.5mm)                   Coarse Structure (3mm)