Troldtekt Plus

Troldtekt Plus is a two-layer acoustic panel, which consists of a classic wood wool Troldtekt panel and a backing of sound absorbing material. The product offers outstanding acoustic properties, and is suitable for use in all applications as per standard Troldtekt panels.

Product Properties

Acoustic Performance

Troldtekt Ceiling and Wall Panels provide good acoustic performance. An NRC of 0.50 through to 1.00 can be achieved, depending on the installation method. Please see our Acoustic Guide or speak to a Himmel Account Manager for more information.

Fire Resistance

Troldtekt Wood Wool Panels achieve a Group 1 Fire Rating in accordance with AS 5637.1:2015.

Environmental Credentials:

Silver Cradle to Cradle Certification

Troldtekt Panels achieve Silver Cradle to Cradle certification. This certification is based on three fundamental design principles – recycling, renewable energy and diversity.


Troldtekt Panels are FSC certified, supporting responsible forestry operations.


Troldtekt panels are Declare certified, ensuring transparency on the product as a whole – from manufacturing and product ingredients, to life expectancy and ‘end of life options’.

Storage and Acclimatisation

Troldtekt is a natural material consisting of 50% wood, and the panels will therefore 'work' in order to achieve the same temperature and moisture level as their surroundings. DO NOT begin installing Troldtekt panels before the building has been completed and the air conditioning has been turned on. Ensure panels are acclimatised correctly to the environment prior to install. Please see our ‘Storage and Acclimatisation’ document for further information.