Standard Partition Suite

The Alsupply Standard Partition Suite is a 45mm door frame and glazing suite, commonly used within plasterboard, aluminum or custom wood reveals.

  • Main element 45mm x 25mm o/a
  • Slim in design, the standard partition suite can be use with any stud thickness
  • Capable of accepting glass thicknesses of up to 12.38mm2 door frame sizes to allow for 32mm of 45mm doors
  • Can be double glazed

Standard Partition Suite Components

010 Head Track/Wall Starter
011 Flush Adaptor
008 Door Frame For 40-45mm Doors
 45x45mm Post
009 100mm Aluminium Skirting
012 125mm Aluminium Skirting
 015 150mm Aluminium Skirting
005 Glazing Bead 
 004 Glazing Base
007 Door Frame For 30-35mm Doors 
008 Flush Filler