Excel Tone MR Coordinates NDF

Daiken Coordinate NDF is a mineral fibre ceiling tile that offers high acoustic qualities in a directional fissured face pattern. It is suitable for a variety of uses including office, education and retail spaces. 

Product Properties

  • RH 99
  • Global Green Tag Certified
  • Outstanding Fire Resistance
  • Asbestos Free
  • Guaranteed for 10 years against visible sagging
  • Available in custom sizes

Acoustic Performance

The Daiken  Excel - Tone MR Coordinates NDF
provides high acoustic properties to any commercial applications with a 0.55 NRC and up to 36 CAC based on the plenum space.

Edge Details

Product Information

Image   Product  Size Edge Detail m2/carton  each/carton 
   Excel Tone MR Coordinate 10  1200x600x15mm TB  7.20 10
   Excel Tone MR Coordinate 20
 1200x600x15mm TB  7.20 10
   Excel Tone MR Coordinate 40
 1200x600x15mm TB 7.20  10

*Contact Ceilector for information about suitable 24mm and 15mm Grid Systems.