Ecophon Focus Ds

Ecophon Focus Ds is a glasswool ceiling tile that has a concealed grid and symmetrical edge details and is easily demountable. It provides high acoustic properties and a modern and even appearance with painted edges. 

Product Properties 

  • RH 95
  • 85% Light Reflectance
  • Weight 3.4kg/m2
  • 100% Recyclable

Acoustic Performance

Ecophon Focus Ds provides high acoustic properties with a 0.90 NRC and a CAC of 25.

Edge Details

Ds Edge

Product Information

 Size Edge Detail m2/Each Each/Carton
 1200x600x20mm Ds

600x600x20mm Ds 0.36 20

Ecophon Ds Grid Suspension System 

Product Size Each/Carton
 Connect T24 Main Runner HD7101 3700x38x24mm 12
Connect T24 Cross Runner 8103 600x32x24mm 36

 Connect Space Bar 0570 2450mm  10 
 Connect Winch 0553  - 100 
 Connect Hanger Clip 1286 - 100
 Connect Wall Bracket for Space Bar - 10
Connect Wall Bracket for T Profile  - 50
 Connect Adjustable Hanger 3770 540mm - 1000mm 100

Installation Video