OWA Sandila Micro

OWA Sandila Micro is a mineral fibre ceiling tile that offers good acoustic properties with a durable face pattern. This tile is ideal for commercial applications with large noisy areas such as classrooms, retail spaces and hotels.

Product Properties

  • RH 99
  • Light Reflectance 87
  • Global Green Tag Level A Certified
  • 30 Year Warranty when used in conjunction with Ceilector Steel Grid or Rondo Duo Steel Grid
  • 100% Recyclable

Acoustic Performance

OWA Sandila Micro provides premium acoustic properties to any commercial applications with a 0.70 NRC and up to 35 CAC based on the plenum depth. 

Edge Details

Product Information

Size  Edge Detail m2/Carton  Each/Carton 
 1200x600x15mm SQ 5.76  10
 600x600x15mm SQ 4.32  12
 1200x600x15mm SLT 5.76 8
 600x600x15mm SLT 3.60 10