Global GreenTag Certification

OWA Ceiling Tiles Level A Certification

OWA Ceilings has achieved Ecospecifier Global Green Tag Level A certification providing the commercial building industry with recyclable ceiling products.

Ecospecifier Global Green Tag is a leading sustainability certification body that ensures that building materials have been rigorously tested and meet ISO 14021 and the ACCC Environment Claims Guarantee. OWA's wide range of ceiling systems have achieved Level A certification resulting in these products being eligible to provide credits towards a Green Star building.

Through this certification, OWA has achieved the ability to assist a building to receive credits towards a NABERS rating through the optimisation of Indoor Environmental performance. OWA products are also certified to contribute to Green Star ratings of Office Interiors, retail centres, education and healthcare buildings.

OWA Mineral Fibre ceiling tiles are 100% recyclable, meaning, that newly produced materials can be created out of pre-used mineral fibre ceiling tiles. Mineral fibre tiles are produced from bio-soluble mineral wool, natural fillers, starch and recycled paper making the ceiling tiles a sustainable addition to any commercial building in Australia.

OWA Metal tiles are ideal for specialised areas that required high acoustic capabilities and the ability to be cleaned. The OWA metal range has a low VOC emission and is made up of iron, silicon and other materials that have been approved by Global Green Tag.

Through continued innovation of manufacturing ceiling systems, OWA have aimed to eliminate the use of toxic materials in the production of their ceiling systems, reduce hazardous waste generation and ensure that their products are 100% recyclable all resulting in the improvement of the indoor environment. This sustainable concept demonstrates OWA understands the effects on the environment when it comes to building materials.

OWA Green Circle

How CSR Ceilector and OWA Can Recycle Your Ceiling Tiles

Initial Request for Recycling

If a client decides they would like to have their OWAcoustic®  ceiling tiles which have been purchased through CSR Ceilector, recycled at the end of their lifespan, the client should contact their relevant CSR Ceilector account manager. The account manager will the organize for a CSR truck (or appropriate distribution partner) to pick up removed ceiling tiles from the site. They should be packed and stored correctly by an approved contractor. The truck will then move them to the port where they will be loaded into containers and shipped back to OWA. The time the container will take to travel from Australia to Germany (depending on departing location) will be a minimum of three months.

Arrival and Uploading at OWA site

The palettes with the returned OWAcoustic® ceiling tiles will be uploaded and stored at a special labeled area, where they are safe from water and other influences.


Our staff removes the foil and inspects the redelivered ceiling tiles one by one. In particular they will have a close look on the date of manufacture. This has to be beyond October 1997, as from this date we can prove, that the mineral wool is biosoluble and meets the requirements according the German direction on hazardous materials as well as the European regulation No 1272/2008 on classification, labeling and packaging of substances and mixtures.

Our staff also doublecheck that no other material like metal, gypsum or wood goes in the recycling circle.

Recycling procedure     

The ceiling tiles will be toppled in a big tank, filled up with water. Stirring constantly the ceiling tiles get dissolved and a suspension with a specific texture arises.

This slurry is pumped in a tank and brought together with the mixture of native raw materials. We can vary the recycling content in our OWAcoustic® ceiling tiles between 25 % and 50 %.